The amount of information on dental caries is enormous. Many clinicians were taught in school to tell all patients, "Brush better, don't eat sweets, and use a fluoride toothpaste." Unfortunately, this mantra doesn't always control dental disease, especially dental caries. 

Dr. Nový teaches clinicians to employ an Extended Mixed Bacteria Ecological Plaque Hypothesis to the human mouth. A healthy mouth is in a state of mutualistic symbiosis and that state may be maintained by eating a healthy diet with emphasis on the intake of protein. 

The best advice Dr. Nový can give to patients who wish to decrease their rate of tooth decay is:

1) Add baking soda to your toothpaste

2) Consume foods rich in arginine

3) Chew sugarless gum, but limit the "chew time" to thirty minutes

4) Track your salivary pH levels to better understand the environment in your mouth

5) Find a dentist who practices CAMBRA philosophies

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